Nov 24 * Posted in News, Photos

Thanksgiving Massacre at Club KARIB

sdc10859First off we’d like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Second, thank you to the 340+ who came out and got JUSTIFIED with us last night. It was an epic show on many fronts. The fog hung thick from the opening song. As the night progressed it started to get hot in the house. In celebration of Scott Guptill’s final gig in St. Albans, we had some of his former band mates and friends from other bands in the house. A shout out to Mark DiNatale and Jennifer DiNatale from Barbie N Bones for sitting in on a song. Shawn Hayden from the same band was also in the house. Brad Ravlin from Nightrain VT was in the joint soaking up the energy you all provided throughout the night. We are sure there are others we left out or just plain didn’t see. To those we thank you for coming out as well. We have a few weeks off and will return for one more show this year at Backstage Bar & Grill in Essex. Until then, enjoy the photo’s from Vickie AllenĀ and enjoy your Holiday!