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SDC17928An incredible night both weather wise and musically. The A/C was cranking in On Tap last night and so were all of you. We threw together a set list that would make you dance, drink, dance, drink and that you did.

Jun 28 * Posted in News, Photos

Epic Three Hour Tour

11536409_915505331805811_1471039432920451779_oTotally insane night was had by all 300 peeps on this cruise. The weather held up great, the waters were calm (until we started playing), the spirits were flowing and you all came to party. Started off the night with a little fun from South Park, then went right into our newest addition “Jaded” by Aerosmith.

11406247_907982369224774_775736992120430412_oIt was a gamble all the way around and it was worth it. We started a bit early to beat the rain and got in a good set. After that the rains came and we were done. We want to thank Tony, Nick, Al and Molly for taking good care of us.

Jun 14 * Posted in News, Photos

Rocking The Naked Turtle

SDC17575What a way to kick off our “Month by The Water Tour”. An absoultely amazing evening, capped off with great fans at and equally epic establishment. Our previous trips to the Naked Turtle in 2014 saw rain and cold weather. Not tonight though. A huge crowd emerged on the dance floor to rock out to some great songs we put together last night.

SDC17440What a difference a week makes. Outdoor show last week inĀ 40 degree weather, this week, 80 degrees outside and we are inside playing in the AC. In what might be our only stop at Park Place this year, a record crowd turned out on a fantastic night.