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Nov 02 * Posted in General

Happy Birthday Gary Greeno

We would like to wish Gary Greeno and very Happy Birthday today! He is the heart and soul of our group and has brought a whole new energy level with him. We hope you have a great day Gary.

SDC18562An abundance of ghoulish, gnarly, comical and down right sexy costumes made an appearance at Backstage last night. The total tally was over 300 through the door and it proved to be one of the all time best Halloween shows we have ever done.

Oct 25 * Posted in News, Photos

Backstreet Halloween Boogie

SDC18454What a night! Sheer pandemonium, with a bunch of great people and equally great costumes. From the first note played to the last note that rang out on the guitars, you all were on the floor shakin that thang.

11231340_960250707331273_4781221783414914688_oIt isn’t often you have crowds that will wait outdoors in a cool fall driving North wind with chairs and blankets. But…. when you do what you must when you want to get into the last show for 2015 at HD Campbell’s barn. It was incredible to see the line of peeps a good 1000′ long and at least 5 wide waiting for the doors to open at 7pm. This doesn’t happen everyday, so we took advantage of it once we started playing.

10934133_839459686077043_7402353457224312770_oWhat a year it has been for us here in the JUSTICE camp. Every year we think we have topped ourselves, but you all prove us wrong. The 2015 “JUSTIFIED Tour” has been one of the most memorable and successful tours in theĀ 6 years we have been together. Yes.. six years we have been bringing you entertainment and music you have come to enjoy and party to. Seems hard to believe it has been that long.