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SDC18117What a great time we had with all of you. Completely packed the place on a gorgeous evening. Couldn’t have asked for better weather or peeps. It is great to see so many having awesome food and an equally awesome time.

Aug 12 * Posted in News, Photos

Backstage Fun With JUSTICE

11875104_934571073232570_5866575807733984969_oWith all that was going on last night around the area and despite the great weather for outdoor bonfires, the capacity crowd at Backstage Pub was there to have some fun. We did just that, as from the very first song to the last, you all were energized and ready to have a party of your own.

11823039_931615700194774_2917752647216184115_oIn our first attempt to completely JUSTIFY Northern Franklin County, we succeeded. A standing crowd of about 200 enjoyed the summer evening (without rain), as the dark clouds, rain and lightning stayed away and were treated to a nice moon lit night.

Jul 26 * Posted in News, Photos

Rocking Raftapalooza 2015

11760326_10204798321413736_9057847759449719900_nThere are no words that can describe what went down yesterday at Raftapalooza 2015, Thayer Beach. The pictures posted here are from all of you out there soaking it all up. It is going to be hard to do something today that will equal the fun had right here.

SDC17928An incredible night both weather wise and musically. The A/C was cranking in On Tap last night and so were all of you. We threw together a set list that would make you dance, drink, dance, drink and that you did.