The Band

JUSTICE hits the Vermont music scene providing bars/clubs with a mixture of 70’s, 80’s 90’s and today’s dance rock. With energy, flash and flare, the guys (Gary Greeno, Scott Belisle, Mike Stella and Rod Bushey) have embarked on a mission to bring you one of the best dance rock shows in Northern Vermont. After a JUSTICE show you will either be fully JUSTIFIED, a member of the JUSTICE League, or both. Come see what we have to offer.

JUSTICE is fronted by vocalist/keys Gary Greeno. Gary grew up in St. Albans Vt. With more than 20 years on the band scene, he has fronted for the likes of High Society, No Greater Sin, Cylinder and most recently Ambush. With a history of knowing how to bring a crowd alive, he now comes to front for JUSTICE. Through the years he has had the pleasure of working with, and meeting some great people in the music industry such as the rock bands April Wine and The J. Giles Band. Influenced by a wide range of artists and music styles through the years, molding his voice has become natural. A man of many talents in music that include guitar, piano/keyboards, drums and harmonica. When he’s not focused on music, he enjoys sports, computers, motorcycles and of course spending time with friends and loved ones. Finding a home in JUSTICE was a perfect match for his vision of the music future, and where he is heading…Enjoy the ride!!!

Scott BelisleBassist and vocalist Scott Belisle is a true 80’s rock player with influences by bands such as Motley Crue, Alter Bridge, Van Halen and Def Leppard to name a few. Prior to co-founding JUSTICE Scott had worked with local and national acts such as 8084, Fractured, Tantrum and Damage Control.

Rod Bio PicGuitarist Rod Bushey joined JUSTICE in October 2014.

Mike Stella

Drummer Mike Stella joined JUSTICE in July of 2012.  Mike  grew up in Burlington, VT. He has performed with numerous bands in and around the Burlington area. Bands such as Pleasant Tense, Deepseed and The Glory of Armageddon to name a few. While considering himself deeply rooted in Metal, he has always had love for true Rock n’ Roll.

Former Members:

Chris Fleury 2009-2011





Mike Fredette 2010-2012Mike_Fredette


Todd Dunn 2009-2014Todd Dunn




Scott Guptill 2009-2016Scott Guptill